Thursday, October 14, 2010

Full Circle...

I received my first film camera in 1982, it was a Kodak instant camera that could shoot ten photos per cartridge.  I loved that camera and was very choosy about what I took pictures of because the film was so expensive.

A few years later I upgraded to a Kodak disc camera.  Well, upgraded should be in quotes, that camera took awful pics but I could now shoot 15 pics.  (I even have a few discs that were never developed...I wonder what is on them?)

When I bought my first 35mm camera, I was so happy to have 36 exposures to experiment with. I took thousands of photos and even though every frame had to be developed, I loved that camera.

In the late 90's I borrowed a "digital camera" to take pics of my first son and I was hooked!  I could take thousands of pics and never pay for developing!

Over the years, I began taking more and more pics with more sophisticated digital cameras and never worried about how much room I was taking up on my computer...

Until....I bought my latest camera, a 12 megapixel point and shoot.  I find myself being more choosy with my pics these days because the photos are so big!  200 pics can now take up 1GB of hard drive space.

So, in order to keep me from spending hours deleting mediocre shots, I am now just as choosy as I was when I was shooting my first instant pics.