Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kevin's 10th Birthday Weekend

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Technically, Kevin's birthday isn't until next Friday, but this is my weekend to have them and I decided to make this the best weekend ever!

The weekend started with Kevin opening up his birthday presents from me...a Hot Wheels track, some Pokemon cards, 3 Bakugan Battle Brawlers, and a remote control Mustang GT.

On Saturday morning I took the boys to the US Space & Rocket Center (thanks Al!) and we toured the new Davidson Center, where the real Saturn V now lives and watched a 3D movie!

After the movie, we went outside and enjoyed some Dippin' Dots at the base of the full sized upright replica of the Saturn V...

While touring the grounds, Eric and Kevin decided to strike some "poses" in the lunar crater.

The boys were fascinated with the rockets and really enjoyed the many features of the US Space & Rocket Center, especially the gift shop!

Later that night, after going to the pool for a quick swim, we headed to the von Braun Center (space reference there...) to watch the Tennessee Valley Vipers take on the Kentucky Horsemen.

Here the boys get to meet Vinnie the Viper...

Tickets to the game were so cheap, $6 each for the boys and $7 for me. We really need to go back (but next time eat at home! $19 for tix, $40 for food...) The Vipers won 41-13.

Finally, after going to church we headed to our local water park, Point Mallard.

Sun is no friend to the Bilbrey boys and we slathered on the sunscreen...however, after 4 hours, we still got a little burned.

They absolutely LOVE Point Mallard and we had a great day...both boys really like jumping from the high dive and diving boards. However, the highlight for them was the wave pool.

Well, that's it. Another quiet weekend at the Bilbrey abode...

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