Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Great To Be A Florida Gator!

What can I alma mater and favorite football team won their third football National Championship last week. That is amazing to me! People go their whole lives without their team winning one...and the Gators now have 3!

I SO wanted to be at this game, but with the nose-bleed seats going for $350-$400, I decided to watch this one on tv.

I ended up watching the game in my hotel room in Cincinnati, OH. I picked this hotel because they had HD televisions there! (and because it's nice and a Marriott)...

This picture just made me laugh, I can't really explain it...

With our 2009 offense led by Tim Tebow and the entire starting defense coming back next year, the Gators are poised for yet another championship run!


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Booster MPS said...

Of course my duty here is to make you recall, if only for one moment, your freshman year.

War Damn Eagle