Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Silly Fantasy...

Do you have a silly fantasy? One that you know wouldn't come true, but when the occasion arises, you still hope that it just might? I'm not talking about big stuff like winning lotteries or world peace...something small that would make only you happy?

Mine happens every time I return to Huntsville from a work related trip. As I walk through the airport, from the airplane to where the luggage is, I always pass the area where folks are waiting for their loved ones to pass by.

I look around and scan the small crowd on the slight chance that this trip is the one where I would be greeted with a hug and a welcome smile. After being gone for some time and enduring a day of flights, waiting around, rude crowds and airport food, the sight of children running to their Dads and Moms is heartwarming and a bit depressing because I know there is no one there for me.

But really, why should there be? When I was married, my wife had her hands full with the kids and was too busy to come all the way to the airport to welcome me home. Although, I can remember greeting her at the airport when she returned from flights, usually with a rose or two...(we had no kids at the time, though.)

I am an adult, so why should it matter who is there to greet me, right? I guess I should just be thankful that I am home and that I have my health and a family that loves me.

But, I will still look the next time I return home to Huntsville...

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