Sunday, July 6, 2008

My last day in Spain

Please click on the smaller photos to see the larger versions...

On my last full day in Spain, Rich and I decided to tour the Real Madrid Soccer Stadium. Real Madrid, or "Royal Madrid" Football club was voted the "best club of the 20th century". I asked Rich if Royad Madrid was a team like the New Orleans Saints, and he said, "no, more like the New England Patriots". Ouch, that hurt!

Last night, we attended the Rock in Rio - Madrid concert with many, many musical acts. I don't know how many people were there, but it seemed like there was more than 100,000 people! Click on the picture to see the larger version and try to count the people! The picture below was a shot behind us...

We went to the concert to see the Police in concert. They finally took the stage at 12:15 AM and rocked for the next 1.5 hours!

They played all the hits and sounded great! We were about 200 feet from the stage and could see everything just fine. It was over way too soon and we had to say goodbye to Sting, Andy and Stewart...

As I write this, I am sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight to Huntsville. Tomorrow I will wrap up my trip to Spain with my final thoughts of traveling to a foreign country and anything else I forgot.


Rich said...

Well Hames: You outdid yourself with these great pictures of Spain. This is a great bolg for anyone wanting to come and visit Spain.

I apologize about the Saints comment ;)

It is amazing to see how much of Spain you saw only in a week, and there is still a ton more to see (This country is huge!)

Anyhow, congrats on the great blog of Spain, and can't wait to see your next adventure!


James Faulk said...

Hey James,

Looks like a great trip one would remember for quite some time. Beautiful pictures and sites. Hope you had the time of your life.

Missed you at the reunion. Take care and Go Noles! :)