Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ares Quarterly Report #9

For two weeks in July, I was confined to our high definition edit suite editing our latest Ares Quarterly Report. In addition to uploading it to Youtube, we also have found a better website that allows us to upload something larger. Below you will see a smaller version...but if you click here you can see the big version. We shoot in HD, edit it in should be able to see it in HD!

Ares Projects Quarterly Progress Report #9 from AresTV on Vimeo.

If anyone is viewing this blog with a mac, would you let me know if it looks ok? I have checked the blog with all versions of p.c.'s (except Windows 98 & 95) and I want to make sure there aren't any problems. Thanks!

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Phil said...

Your blog page looks fine on my Macbook pro, running Leopard, in both Firefox 3.0.4 and Safari 3.2.1.

I like your Ares videos. Is there a corresponding series for Constellation spacecraft development?