Monday, August 4, 2008

Fastest 2 weeks...

These last two weeks were the fastest two weeks of my life!

Because I am currently separated from my wife, I only get to see my 2 boys during normal visitation times and these last 2 weeks were my summer vacation time with them...

We went swimming at the apartment pool just about everyday but we didn't get to play as much tennis as we wanted because it is dangerously hot here in North Alabama (heat index well over 100).

Much thanks to my Mom and Tom for coming up and entertaining the boys while I had to work! They were so awesome! They not only helped out with the boys, but they also cooked some awesome meals, took us out to dinner a few times and helped me get my kitchen in top cooking shape!

Here are a few phone photos I took this weekend at every kids favorite (and every parents nightmare!) Chuck E. Cheese's.

Although I personally don't feel this way, this is a pretty funny song about how most adults feel about going to Chuck E. Cheese's...

All my NASA news is pretty boring these days...but things should be picking up soon. Stay tuned!

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