Thursday, October 9, 2008

Off To Minnesota

This is my 3rd trip to document the 2008 NASA Space Exploration Experience.

Back in May, I spent 17 days in Connecticut and in August I spent a week in Iowa...

This time we are traveling to beautiful Minnesota and South Dakota...I am glad we are here in October and not November! It's already hitting lows in the 40's here and I am glad brought my heavy coat!

While traveling here, we had a short layover in Cincinnati and while we were in line to buy an overpriced Quizno's sub, the fire alarm went off in our concourse. So we all shuffled off to the lower levels to wait for the all clear.

Here's the line of people waiting to go back to the surface and catch their planes...

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was not able to actually purchase the overpriced Quizno's sub...

But I did manage to get TWO snacks on the plane! That's right, peanuts AND crackers.

It pays to be Gold Medallion!

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