Monday, October 13, 2008

State #39, Rainy Wisconsin

We were going to drive to Thunder Bay, Canada today, but because the weather was so rainy, we decided to take the shorter drive to Wisconsin. That was fine with me because now I can scratch Wisconsin off my list of states I have never been to...

Here is a sort of photo journal of our day, with comments as always, click on the pick to see the larger version.

This is my serious look...

That's right, we see only the biggest attractions!

The lake Superior water is so COLD!

Cornucopia, Wisconsin...I don't want to be here when you can actually park your snowmobile here.

It was so quiet out here...the only sound was the rain hitting the leaves on the trees.

Red Cliff, Wisconsin...I thought this was someone's boat, but it was full of sand!

Bayfield, Wisconsin

Tomorrow, we will be driving to Thunder Bay, check back for more adventures!

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