Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why even do it?

Sometimes I wonder why I do this blog...

Is it historical...a record of my job and thoughts for my boys to read in the future?

Is it personal? A way for my family to keep up with me without daily contact?

Is it egotistical? "Hey everyone, look how cool my job is!"

I think it's mainly the first two, with a teeny-tiny touch of the third...

I have a tracking thingamajiggy that shows me the city, state and sometimes country of a person who surfs by and it is interesting to see where people come from.

Just the other day I had my first visit from someone at a University in Iran...which I thought was pretty cool and it's always exciting to have the Googlebot stop by...But still no one from Africa!

What I have discovered is that people all over the world seem to be drawn to a common topic...


I get so many folks who stumble across my blog by finding my Mythbusters blog posts back in January and February. Same thing on my Flickr...my top 10 viewed pics are all Mythbusters pics. What's the deal? People can't get enough Mythbusters!

Anyway...I thought I would try something new. Here are a few pics from a neat shoot back in 2000. We went down to the Talladega Superspeedway to shoot video for an episode of a show called NASA Connect. It was a kids show that always had a celebrity open the show and for this show we had Jeff Gordon.

In this photo, Jeff Gordon and our producer, Mick Speer, are discussing the lines Jeff will be reading to the camera, which I was operating.

We shot Jeff's lines for about 15 minutes and when we were done, I turned around and there was about 100 people surrounding us waiting for us to finish so they could get his autograph. He was nice enough to sign our press passes first and then we cleared out so the crush of people could move in.

After about an hour, Jeff was suited up and checking out his car...we needed some video of him racing, so I was permitted to go out and get some closeups before he went out on the track.

As you can see, the stands are empty because this was on the Thursday before the actual race...

As always, click on the little pics to see the big pics!

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Your job is cool!