Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eric's First Shiner

On Saturday, we all went to a water park called Point Mallard to celebrate Kevin's 9th birthday. They have a pool with regular diving boards, 8 foot diving boards and various high dives. Well, both Kevin and Eric jumped off the 8 foot board...tentative at first, but after every successful jump their confidence grew.

Well, apparently Eric became a bit too confident because he lost his concentration at the point where the ladder meets the board and he fell to the concrete!

I was less than 10 feet from him when he fell, but I had my back turned because I was walking to a place where I could see him jump (for the 20th time...)

I heard him hit the concrete and when I spun around, he was laying face first. I ran over, picked him up and held him tight. I gave him the once-over and didn't see gushing blood, because I felt that he might be seriously hurt.

He had a BIG bump on his head and we took him to the first aid room to check for a concussion. They concluded that he was fine and after 15 minutes of icing his forehead he was off to the wave pool.

All this was after he had his fingers closed in the door leading to the food court a few hours earlier!

These pics are from the next day...

Other than a few small scrapes on his legs, the black eye was the only injury he received from an 8 foot fall to wet concrete!

That is one tough kid!


Zine said...

Oh man! Your story freaked me out! I can see Conner or Chloe doing the same thing. And me having the bejesus scared out of me. But, ah the first shiner. Something he won't forget.

Jim said...

Wow. Well, at least you got the "first" out of the way. Those are always the worst. When Jessie closed her fingers in my car door I saw those suckers instantly swell up. I kept my fatherly cool on the outside but was freaking out on the inside.

Jenine said...

Poor Kid - Actually, poorer you! Tell him it looks good on him :)