Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Atlanta for a few hours...

My first flight of the day was a quick 30 minute hop from Huntsville to Atlanta. I only listened to about 5 songs before I had to turn my MP3 player off because of our approach to Atlanta International.

I am sitting her in Concourse E...a place I have never been to before. I have been to this airport probably 100 times, but never to this particular concourse because this one is used for international flights.

It is quite interesting here...there are lots of people coming and going to many different foreign countries. As I walk around, I hear many different languages and the architecture is a bit more modern here than in the other 4 or 5 concourses.

A few random travel thoughts...

What is it with people walking around with their pillows in airports?

Who flies wearing flip-flops?

Sir, you and I know there is no way that bag will fit in that overhead compartment!

I broke down and exchanged Dollars for Euros here in Atlanta. I only wanted 100 Euros to start with and I will get the rest at ATM's in Spain. I had to pay $187 for 100 Euros! Damn!

Once I board the plane, it is a short 8 1/2 hour flight to Madrid...not too bad really. I am going to try to sleep as much as I can so I can hit the ground "running"!

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