Friday, June 13, 2008

Not Much Happening

I have been home for the past week and the work I have been doing is pretty standard TV type work. Making copies of videos, shooting interviews in the studio, converting .vob's to MP3's, meetings, creating files for transcription ...real exciting stuff. This is the type of work that keeps Marshall TV humming...there is always a million things that need to be quickly dealt with.

One thing I noticed was that they are repairing and repainting the rockets in the Marshall Rocket Park. It is a collection of historic rockets that only Marshall employees are able to see because there are no longer public tours of the center. I wonder how many people drive by and never look over to see the very impressive and historic display. We have a Saturn 1, a V-2 and Jupiter C just name a few...they were showing their age and it's nice to see them getting some much needed attention!

Also, we celebrated Kevin's 9th birthday tonight at Tina's house. He had a sleepover with some friends and I brought my Playstation 3 over so they could all play Lego Indiana Jones. I brought pizza and Kevin opened gifts and we all ate cake..Kevin had a great time being the center of attention. We all deserve to be the center of attention at least one day of the year...

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Jim said...

Happy birthday Kevin.

Thanks for posting the rocket pics James. One day I'll actually get back up there.