Tuesday, February 10, 2009

O'ahu, Day Two

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This morning I got up early because I was going to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. I had to get there early because it is one of the best places to snorkle on O'ahu and I did not want to waste precious time waiting and waiting.

I rented my mask, snorkle and fins and headed out to the water.

The water was a bit cold at 8am, but after a few minutes, it was like being in a lukewarm bathtub. Hanauma Bay is absolutely loaded with fish of all kinds! I bought a disposable underwater camera and took lots of underwater photos. However, it uses something called "film" and I have to get it "developed" before I can see the pics...weird!

By the time I left at 10am, the place was crawling with folks waiting to get in and see what all the fuss was about!

After lunch I headed out to a must-see on O'ahu...the Dole Plantation. Pineapples have been grown on O'ahu as early as the 1500's...but it was James Dole who made them famous at the turn of the nineteenth century.

According to Dole, "pineapples are grown in rich volcanic soil with warm tropical rainfall, and kissed with Hawaiian sunshine for the best Hawaii has to offer. "

My friend, Lori, told me that I HAD to have the fresh pineapple ice cream in a waffle cone...I did and she was SO right. The pineapple flavor was extremely strong and it was absoultely a fantasic treat! Thanks Lori!

After going to the Dole Plantation, I decided I really wanted some coconut shrimp, so I headed to a restaurant called "Breakers" in Hale'iwa. The shrimp came with a spicy jelly/relish and it was so delicious. This was only an appitizer...I had just had the pineapple ice cream (and a pineapple float made with fresh pineapple juice and some pineapple ice cream...) But mainly I knew that I was very close to one of the original Hawaiian Shave Ice stores...Matsumoto's.

Actually Matsumoto's was right up the street...they are known worldwide for their shave ice and, from what I hear and read, there is usually a line to get in. Today I was in luck...no line!

I chose the "Hawaiian" flavor...made up of banana, pineapple and coconut. It cost $2 and was HUGE! You only have a blunt wooden "spoon" to eat it with, so it was a challenge to eat it without having it collapse on the porch outside. That is where you eat it...on the outside porch, watching the people drive, ride and walk by...

As I finished my shave ice I decided to see if I could get a few pics of the setting sun...well, I ran out of road before I could get around the western tip of O'ahu...yep, the road ends.

Day two is in the books and so far I have been having a blast! I have been able to do most of the things I wanted and I know that I am on track to do everything I had planned.

Tomorrow, I will visit Pearl Harbor, maybe climb Diamondhead and in the evening, I will be going to a real Lu'au...so I bet I will have some interesting photos and a full belly! It's all you can eat and I plan on going hungry! Check out the menu...



James Faulk said...

Hi James,

Looks like you're having one heck of an adventure. Enjoy it man. You deserve it! The sights are awesome. The water looks entirely inviting and the local flavor is interesting. Keep the pics coming.

Joel Raupe said...

Film? Isn't that something they used on those ancient Lunar Orbiters, back about 40 years ago?

(I can almost taste that Pineapple Cone.)

Enjoy the vacation, James!