Sunday, March 23, 2008

Meet My Boys

There are photos of my boys, Kevin and Eric. They are so much fun and we always have a great time. If you don't have any kids, I suggest you run out and get some! When you have kids, you don't have to grow up...I get to play with Hot Wheels, slide on slides and just experience the world from a kids point of view. We as adults tend to overlook the simpler things in life because we have seen them a million times...but when we have kids, we get to experience things all over again for the first time!


Tracey said...

Wow! Did Keving go through a growth spurt or what? They both look like they have grown a lot since we moved last August. We love to look at "recent" pictures. :o)Tell the boys hi from all of us.

Anonymous said...

james, you are so right about everything you "said!" i can't believe i waited so long to have my babies...i love those sticky fingers! bernie