Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Santa Monica Pier

After work, I decided to make a trip to Santa Monica Beach to see the pier and also the Pacific Ocean. Because it's been so hot here (upper 80's), I toyed with buying a bathing suit and going swimming in the ocean...I am so glad I didn't! Not only was it too cold for me to go swimming, it was about too cold to be wearing short sleeves! Here's a few pics...

The Pier has an amusement park called
Pacific Park...

Admission was free...not sure if the rides were too...

Some folks were braving the cold...I bet they
were from Minnesota or Michigan...

I rented this bike for an hour and rode a few
miles down the beach to Venice Beach.

Venice Beach...there are a lot of interesting
characters that hang around there...also, a
lot of neat shops that I didn't go into because
I didn't want my rented bike stolen!

The end of another beautiful Southern
California Day...

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