Thursday, May 8, 2008

Article about my NASA Videographer of the Year award

April 23 , 2008

Marshall TV’s James Bilbrey Garners Coveted 2007 NASA Videographer of the Year

Marshall Television Services videographer James Bilbrey garnered
one of the most coveted awards among his peers across the
agency. During ceremonies at the National Association of
Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas on April 15th, Bilbrey
was named the 2007 NASA Videographer of the Year in the
documentation category.

Although Bilbrey knew he had won something in the competition,
it wasn’t until the very last moment that the 10 year vet of
Marshall TV learned that he had secured a first place trophy.

“I just want to say how proud, happy and thrilled I am to receive
this award,” remarked Bilbrey. “I couldn't have done it without
my co-workers, Anthony Orton, Carver Myhand and Sarah Milligan
because shooting great video is a team effort.”

“We started this award as a way to recognize the talent behind
the camera, the men and women whose work becomes a part
of the history of the Agency,” Said Rodney Grubbs, NASA DTV
Program Manager. “Our judges always comment how difficult it
is for them to choose just one entry and are always impressed
by the quality work they review. Winners should be very proud
of their accomplishment--the competition is always close!”

“Marshall TV has placed in this competition since it started, and
James has previously won third and second place awards, but
I knew that it was just a matter of time before our team brought
home the first place trophy,” said Marshall TV Manager George

Bilbrey works for Honeywell Technical Services, Inc., which
operates Marshall TV under NASA’s UNITeS contract at the
Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL.


Jim said...

Congratulations James! Well deserved, I'm sure.

Jenine said...

That's great Jamie! Congratulations - I'm glad you are doing so well professionally :)