Monday, May 26, 2008

A Visit to Vermont...State #35

Today I decided to go to another state I have never been to before...Vermont

I drove back roads from Brattleboro to Bennington and was lucky enough to drive through Wilmington, Vermont just as their Memorial Day parade was beginning.

I decided to stop and was very moved by this small town's simple yet powerful Memorial Day parade. I truly was lucky to be there at just the right time...

In Bennington, I visited the very historical "Old First Church", where Robert Frost is buried...

I then headed to the Bennington Battle Monument to learn more about the Battle of Bennington.

Vermont is a very beautiful state where everything seems to revolve around maple syrup. Everything I bought today had maple in it...a maple soda, maple drops, maple suckers and even wine with some maple in it!

Click on the above pics to see bigger versions and if you want to see more, just click this link to see all the rest of the good pics...(I didn't put over 100 more that sucked!)

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