Friday, May 23, 2008

My 33rd State...New Hampshire.

Recently, I decided that I wanted to visit all 50 states. With today's trip to New Hampshire, I have now been to 33 states. I am not including states I have flown over...just been to personally.

I mapped a route from Brattleboro to Concord and traveled down country roads. I had no real agenda mapped out, I just went where ever the Spirit moved me.

To be honest, New Hampshire looked a lot like least Alabama in the spring. I am sure New Hampshire looks NOTHING like Alabama in the winter.

Here are a few photos I on the photos to see a bigger version.

You can see all of the pics I took on this adventure on my Flickr account.

Connecticut river separating Vermont from New Hampshire.

Sugar House in central New Hampshire.

Spofford Lake

Hennaker, New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Capitol building in Concord.

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Jenine said...

Hey Jamie,

Those pics are beautiful. Sounds like a nice way to spend some time. I was hoping to see you at the reunion but circumstances have yet again conspired to keep me away. Looking for a new job at the moment. However, I might end up in Birmingham so maybe we can get together and reminisce about HS later :) I hope you're doing well.
Take Care!